Colón Cuebas & Laguna, PSC © 2015

Colón Cuebas & Laguna, PSC © 2015


Colón Cuebas & Laguna, CPA, PSC realize that we best serve our clients by assisting them with all their related tax matters.  We understand the sensitiveness in this specialized area and provide our clients the following tax returns preparation services in order to comply with statutory requirements of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and/or U.S. Internal Revenue Service:


•Puerto Rico

oIncome, personal property, and volume of business (Corporations and Patnerships).  

oIndividual tax.

oExempt Businesses under the Puerto Rico Incentives Programs.

oInformative returns.

oNonresident Annual Return for Income Tax Withheld at Source.

oAnnual corporation report.

oSales and use tax.

oExcise tax.

oGift tax.

oEstate Tax of Nonresident or United States Citizen Resident of Puerto Rico.

oPayroll taxes (income, unemployment and disability.

oWorkers’ compensation insurance.

•US (Federal and/or State)

oCorporate income and personal property taxes.

oIndividual income tax.

oEstate and trusts.

oPayroll taxes (Social security and unemployment).


In addition, we provide to our clients assistance in the following tax matters:


•Tax investigations from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department and Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM).

•Implementation of new tax laws and regulations.

•Tax planning and projections.

•Application of Foreign Trade Zone.

•Application of Tax Exemption Grants.

•Assistance in tax deficiency notifications from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service.

•Sales and use tax issues.